Ledua’s boxing plan



BOXING Fiji’s Asinate Ledua is hoping to ensure more women participate in boxing and one day have a female boxer represent Fiji at the Olympic Games.

After attending the women and sports organisation Melanesia leadership conference in Papua New Guinea from August 16-19, Ledua said it was an awesome and great learning platform for women’s participation in sports leadership and boxing in Fiji.

“The purpose for my attending the workshop was to learn and find ways in which I can assist and grow women in boxing,” Ledua said.

To accomplish this, she would need to ensure that participation of women in sport was gender equal.

“I’m hoping to change the participation of women, both at the sporting level as athletes and as officials and to also sit as board members for both codes in boxing that is amateur and professional.”

Asinate is thankful to FASANOC and ONOC for the opportunity to attend the workshop.

“I believe that having women and men attend such regional workshops is a great initiative whereby we learn from each other and see what we have been doing and improve where needed.

“One of the take backs from this workshop was how we can work together in the Oceania region to better women’s involvement in sports.”

Ledua, along with Women in Sports Commission chair Hamidan Bibi, Fiji Rugby Union’s women development officer Paulini Tamatasasa and Voices of the Athletes co-ordinator Jeegar Bhasvar were present at the two-day conference.

According to Jeegar, the objective for the conference was gender equality in terms of balancing of female and male participation in sports.

“This is done by having equal number of males and females during games and in the National Olympic Committee’s executive board,” Jeegar said..

“The conference was an opportunity to have women take up leadership roles which we discussed was important for the growth of a sport”.

Jeegar said the chance to empower men and women in the Oceania region during the conference was an eye-opener for him.

“The FASANOC Voices of the Athletes Program allows us to use women and men who had represented the country to take ownership and advocate on social issues in schools, communities and sporting events.

“Our program uses a lot of female athletes because they are confident and more approachable,” he said.

Ledua and Jeegar agreed that national federations need to involve more women participants and women and sports should have more awareness workshops aimed at young and upcoming athletes.

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