‘Learning new ideas’

Seasonal workers share their experience during the returned workers workshop yesterday. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

SEASONAL workers can do more than just setting goals on earning an income on foreign land, says Vili Caniogo, a local consultant and director of Greenfields.

In facilitating the Ministry of Employment’s returned seasonal workers workshop in Labasa this week, Mr Caniogo said the exposure of these workers with their experiences of working overseas provided opportunities of learning new ideas.

“So this workshop — the first one ever to be held for seasonal workers after their contracts overseas — aims to equip them with tools and information of contributing successfully to their families, communities and provincial level,” he said.

“They have goals of building their houses, extending their houses or securing farms and it’s good, so this workshop enlightens them about other opportunities they can get involved in to benefit their communities and provinces. We need to drive ourselves because no one else will do it for us except us.”

Mr Caniogo said seasonal workers returned with a good amount of income and investing or making use of Government’s assistance to help start businesses or development projects were other options they could consider.

“These people are agents of change and their work is not just about cash because their exposure is just as valuable as cash so we equip and so is their attitude on how you can contribute to your families and communities,” he said.

“These workers can pursue their exposure with what they have learnt in the farms because most of those farms where they worked were started by the owners themselves.

“So we can do the same back here at home in our villages, with our families and communities.”

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