Leadership Fiji to expand its wings and reach out

LEADERSHIP Fiji is working to expand its reach beyond the participants, says its chairperson William Parkinson.

Mr Parkinson said Leadership Fiji was looking at ways to expand its program given the limited space they had.

“We recognise this was a life changing experience for our participants but we also recognise it was limited,” he said.

“One of the challenges going forward is looking at ways for us to provide short run training programs. To further strengthen our outreach efforts tonight, I can announce, we have launched our new website.

“We expect that it will be an important way for us to get our message across and also a hub for our alumni.”

Leadership Fiji will also give out scholarships for next year’s program to reach out to more people.

Thirty-three participants graduated from this year’s program at the Holiday Inn Suva last night.

This has been the biggest number that graduated compared to just 20 participants from previous years.

The theme for this year’s program was “creating a movement of change”

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