Leaders should empower workers

Members of the Leadership Fiji class of 2018 with guest speaker and managing director FMF Group Ram Bajekal (fourth from right) during the Lunch and Learn session at ANZ House in Suva yesterday. Picture: ATU RASEA

THE biggest task leaders face is producing better leaders than themselves.

This was the message shared by the managing director of FMF Group, Ram Bajekal, while speaking at the Leadership Fiji 2018 Lunch and Learn session at ANZ House in Suva yesterday.

Drawing lessons learnt from the 2008 attack at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai, India, where the Special Action Group (SAG) carried out a mission and rescued survivors and victims of the attack, Mr Bajekal said leadership was all about action.

“Every leader in an organisation should empower their workers. There are no bad employees, but managers and leaders,” Mr Bajekal said.

“Every team member or leader must know what he or she is expected to do. They should assume orders when none are forthcoming.

“The whole team should build basic skill and procedures required for the job.

“Focus on core drills and basic procedures ’til they become muscle memory.”

He said every leader should be capable of managing one level up and should be trained and had the opportunity to manage.

He added leaders should be out in front to lead and direct.

Funds raised from the session would be directed towards the Leadership Fiji class of 2018 community projects.

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