Leaders’ role vital under UNCAC

PARLIAMENTARIANS should help domesticate the United Nations Convention against Corruption by helping adopt national standards, says Speaker of the House Dr Jiko Luveni.

Speaking at the anti-corruption workshop for Pacific parliamentarians in Nadi yesterday, Dr Luveni said parliamentarians played an active leadership role in the ratification, implementation, domestication, monitoring and review of the UNCAC.

She said this included the criminalisation of corruption through legislation and an independent judiciary system.

“Adaptation of the UNCAC may take place through transparency, balance between effective criminalisation of corrupt acts and the prevention of corruption through improved governance practices, innovation, participation of society, monitoring and review,” Dr Luveni said.

“Parliaments and parliamentarians have a key role to play in combating corruption and in the different processes envisaged under UNCAC.”

According to Dr Luveni, parliament’s role could be categorised as anti-corruption planning and monitoring, financial oversight, establishing and monitoring standards of conduct.

“Also, they should ensure parliamentary accessibility and availability of information for interested members of the public — including constituents, civil society organisations…”

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