Lead with humility

Dhruv Prasad of Year 7 with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Biman Prasad after being inducted as a prefect last week. Picture: SUPPLIED

PENANG Sangam Primary School in Rakiraki inducted 125 prefects at their school’s induction ceremony in Rakiraki last Friday.

Among those badged were 2023 head-girl Deepshi Datt and head-boy Ayush Narayan. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Biman Prasad was the chief guest at this important event for the school. Mr Prasad spoke to those present at the event about the important qualities needed by all leaders.

“Leadership built on humanity, on respect and understanding can go a long way,” Mr Prasad said.

“We as leaders, we can learn from these children for their innocence, humbleness and humility.

Pragya Raju of Year 4 with her father Ashneel
Raju (left), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister
of Finance Biman Prasad, grandfather Chandar
Raju and mother Niyanta Raju after the induction
ceremony last week. Picture: ANISH CHAND

“We want to show our children and all of you that leadership has to have humility and respect.

“This type of leadership unites people.” Mr Prasad urged parents to get involved in the activities of the school as it builds the community.

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