Lead by example

They say youths learn from behaviour shown, not words spoken. As leaders, do we exemplify no tolerance and absence of swearing, antagonising, bullying and intimidation to students, workers or the public we serve.

Perhaps it’s time to take stock and re-evaluate our lifestyle and behaviour.

As leaders, why have we tolerated criminal, sexual and violent movies that used to be censored before?

Why is integrity, honesty, and transparency so hard to find in our circle of informal and formal colleagues?

Why are people dormant to sex crime on children and the weak? What actions do we promote as a society to address cyberbullying, social media usage, teen age pregnancies, peer pressure and underprivileged youths?

Cadet training, sports, music, farming, DIY (do it yourself) and vocational trainings are some empowerment activities available for youth development.

If we’re really serious about change, this should show in our life, after all, youths of tomorrow take values and behaviour from leaders of today.

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