‘Lay preachers can stand’

The congregation of Methodist Church in Suva during the Father's Day celebration last month. Picture: RAMA

THE Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma lay preachers and stewards can contest the 2018 general election.

This was confirmed by secretary for communication and overseas mission, the Rev Wilfred Regunamada.

He highlighted the issue after questions were raised on stewards and lay preachers of the church contesting the coming general election.

“No church minister is allowed to stand as candidates or to be involved in campaigning for a particular party, any minister wishes to do so will have to step down from his or her role as the church minister to pursue his preferred career, they don’t have the same influence.

The minister has authority given to it by the conference. Both the steward and the lay preacher are appointed through a democratic process by the minister of any circuit or division,” Mr Regunamada added.

Their church, he said, was an ordained ministry that should focus more on the preaching of God’s Word and enlightening members on all issues based on its theological perspective.

“Since men are in politics , religion and businesses, the ministers are obligated to preach about these context and empower, correct and continue to address the morality of human nature as part of their respective responsibilities as outlined in the Bible,” Mr Regunamada said.

He added the influence church ministers have on members was more compared with lay preachers and stewards.

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