Lax attitude a concern

Graduation day, Naleba Kindergarteners with their certificates and gold medals following their graduaoiton yesterday. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

THE lax attitude of parents and children in the country towards the wide range of government education assistance is a serious concern.

Officiating at the Naleba Primary School and kindergarten prize-giving ceremony yesterday, chief guest and district officer Macuata Vishwa Deo said it was disappointing to witness the pathetic behaviour and attitude of some students in the country.

Mr Deo said regular absenteeism and other disciplinary issues in schools were a matter of concern. “Each one has an important role to play in order to provide quality education and achieve excellence,” he said.

Speaking to parents, Mr Deo said it was their duty to teach and harness in children good values and develop them spiritually so they were responsible citizens.

“Parents must provide adequate learning resources at home and allow ample time for studies,” he said.

“Most importantly, it is your duty to support your child whether they perform to par or otherwise.”

While addressing students, Mr Deo urged students not to get carried away and get distracted towards other unnecessary behaviour which could tarnish their career.

“Students, you must remember that your parents have made huge sacrifices to ensure that you get the best education,” Mr Deo said.

He reminded them that not all students performed well in the classrooms, adding they needed to pursue their passion, drawing inspiration from the world’s successful men and women who did not do well in school like Microsoft Corporation founder Bill Gates, film-maker Steven Spielberg and X Factor’s Simon Cowell.

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