Lawman saves widow

POLICE constable Nitesh Nand was labelled a hero by his Batinikama neighbours in Labasa after saving a 60-year-old woman’s life from a fire that destroyed her home.

Amra Wati was thankful to Constable Nand for his brave act even though she sustained minor burns.

Ms Wati woke up suddenly after hearing a banging noise and found her home in flames on Saturday night.

As she was trying to find her way out, Constable Nand went to her rescue.

Constable Nand said he did not hesitate as he entered the burning house to save the widow who was alone at home.

“Her son and his family went out and Ms Wati was alone at home,” he said.

“I was drinking grog at home when I heard a loud sound. When I looked outside, I saw the house up in flames. I heard Ms Wati screaming for help and I didn’t hesitate to brave the fire to save her.

“Her clothes was already burning and as I approached her, she was panicking and screaming. I escorted her out and took her home. She was helpless given her old age and all she could do was cry.”

NFA CEO John O’Connor said his officials at the Labasa Fire Station received a call from Batinikama around midnight on Saturday and responded to it.

Mr O’Connor said investigations were continuing and he urged people to take heed of and follow the fire safety tips.

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said the estimated cost of damage was $20,000.

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