Law firm feeds students


A prominent Suva law firm is feeding students in eight primary schools in Lami because their fathers have lost their jobs and mothers have abandoned them.

This, according to Lami District Council of Social Services president Asaeli Naisoro.

He said mothers were abandoning their families because they were unable to cope with the socio-economic impact of COVID-19.

Mr Naisoro said the situation came to light after Lami DCOSS spent the past few months working with the Suva law firm to feed students at eight primary schools because they were going to school hungry.

He said the impact of the pandemic had also resulted in people requesting for bus fare top-ups and assistance in paying electricity and water bills.

Mr Naisoro said there was an increase in requests for assistance and envisaged it could get worse because of increase in unemployment.

“Some women have left their families after their husbands were laid off their jobs,” he said.

“This was relayed to us by teachers and head of schools because some children are going to school without food, there is no one at home to prepare their lunches.”

He said a few weeks ago they encountered two children at a primary school in Lami who were being provided lunch by their teacher because their parents had separated.

“Children are now going to school without lunches; sometimes they don’t even have their breakfast at home because there’s no food and because mum’s gone.”

He said the council was flooded with requests from mothers who were in need of supplements for their new born babies.

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