Law-breakers at large

It is quite disturbing to hear Crime Stoppers’ report on the high number of wanted law-breakers missing every week.

First of all, we should thank Fiji TV for airing the Crime Stoppers segment every Sunday.

I believe the weekly TV screening showing the faces of the offenders is aimed at seeking help of the public at large.

I believe the wanted offenders are dangerous and should not be tolerated by anyone. They commit serious offences such as taking money by deception, causing actual bodily harm; theft and aggravated robbery to name a few while some are bail absconders and wanted under bench warrant.

The worrying bit is the list which is not coming down as seen every week. I think more dynamism is needed to apprehend and present this dangerous group of people in court as soon as possible.

Only the runners at this stage know how far and safe they are from the law enforcers who are working day and night to bring them to justice.

If relatives and friends of these lawbreakers know anything about them which helps police, they must come out without any hesitation.

We all know harbouring a prisoner is a serious crime.

I think the list suggests the present approach is not working for the police.

I don’t think we can leave such offenders loose for a long time.

It would be in the interest of all concerned that every effort is made to capture the wanted sooner rather than later.

I also think our country is not so vast to hide anyone. So, please get serious and get them.

Having said this, can we expect the next Crime Stoppers report to be shorter?

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