Lau provincial meeting yam competition a success

The women of Tubou, Lakeba with their handicraft mats. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE yam competition organized by the Ministry of Agriculture on Tubou Lakeba during the Lau Provincial Meeting was a great success.

This was highlighted by the Divisional Agriculture Officer Lau and Rotuma Nimilote Waqabaca.

“The Ministry has always encouraged yam planting on the island of Lau because the province is prone to the impacts of climate change and prolonged droughts. We are encouraging them to plant yams to help them with food security during natural disasters,” Mr Waqabaca said.

“The Ministry has a programme called Small Competition which is aimed at financing yam competition in the province of Lau. The competitions are usually held the villages, district and especially during the Provincial Council Meetings.”

“There were three categories during the completion. The first category was for the yam called the Philippine, the second one was for the long yams while the third category is for the heaviest yams”

“I am proud to say that the largest yam plantation prize was won by a farmer from the village of Yadrana in Lakeba, His name is Jone Colati and he has planted a total 9,800 yam plants this year,” Mr Waqabaca said.

“I must thank the Ministry of Agriculture for providing $5000 worth of the prizes for this yam competition”


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