LATM trials to improve traffic congestion in Nadi

LATM trial well underway to help improve congestion in Nadi town. Picture: FT FILE

MEMBERS of the public are being advised that the Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) trials in the Nadi Town centre is currently in progress to further improve traffic congestion.

A statement issued by the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) today has clarified some changes which need to be noted by motorists and they are:

  • Queens Road (Main Street) will be one way (2 Lane) from Nadi Temple to Vunavau Street junction
  • No Right Turn from Vunavau Street to Queens Road (Main Street)
  • No Left Turn from Koroivolu Avenue to Queens Road (Main Street)
  • Hospital Road will be one way (2 Lane) from Market Lane to Sahu Khan Lane. New Stop Line near Sahu Khan Lane/ Post Office Lane junctions.
  • No Right Turn from Post Office Lane to Hospital Road
  • New Stop Line on Hospital Road near Raniga Road junction (Market bound lane)

FRA says these changes were incorporated following the extensive review of the trials with the stakeholders; FRA, Fiji Police, Land Transport Authority, Nadi Town Council and Nadi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“Motorists are requested to be conscious of this trial when entering Nadi Town and are requested to follow all posted temporary signs. The trials will conclude on 2 December 2018.”

For more information please email or call our toll free number 5720.

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