Last-minute shopping for Diwali

SUPERMARKETS around Suva City were full of last-minute Diwali shoppers yesterday as people of all races shopped for items they may have missed in their earlier shopping.

The Fiji Times team caught up with Riaz Mustapha, his wife and seven-year-old daughter Denisha, who were shopping for firecrackers at Rups Big Bear store in downtown Suva.

And you guessed right, he is a Muslim when he said, “I’m a Muslim but we’re celebrating Diwali in a big way. This is a good thing about being a Fijian in Fiji; we get to celebrate everyone else’s religion.”

He said Fijians all celebrated Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, Christmas and Diwali.

Mr Mustapha said the Festival of lights enabled everyone including families to come together in the spirit of oneness.

He said their family had already spent about $1500 on clothes, groceries, sweets and gifts and they were yesterday just shopping for firecrackers at the insistence of their daughter Denisha.

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