Last minute dash to vote

Update: 8:12PM CLOSE to two hours after the voting deadline ended at 6pm, polling venues around Nadi have been shut to the general public.

Those who made a last minute dash to vote
included tourism worker Meline Turaga, who marched into the Nadi Sangam Primary
School polling station at about 5:50pm.

The Radisson Blu Resort guest service
agent packed into a taxi with other colleagues after 5pm and was the last voter
to get to the ballot box at the polling station, where two streams of booths
had been set up.

“I was slotted to work from 7am to 4pm and
am so relieved that I made it on time,” she said.

Around Nadi, police officers could be seen
patrolling the polling venues as elections officials scramble to tally results
before provincial results are announced later tonight.

The deputy coordinator of the
multinational observer group, Tim Burton confirmed several of their
members would preside at polling venues during the tallying process but would
not be permitted to speak to media, ahead of an official statement to be issued
in Suva tomorrow.

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