Lasagavibau Jr amazes fans, family in the rugby field

Fero Lasagavibau Jr after a game of rugby. Picture: SUPPLIED

IN an extraordinary turn of of events, Fero Lasagavibau Jr is on the heels of his namesake father in rugby union.

Lasagavibau Sr, a former Fiji 7s and 15s rep lives in France with his family because of rugby.

Now he is a club coach and his son, Fero Jr is the captain of Rouen Rugby Club under-10 team. Rouen is the capital of the northern French region of Normandy.

“What is funny is that my son, since he grew up in France and started playing, he always preferred football than rugby,” father Lasagavibau said from France.

“He played football since starting school and just wanted us to buy football playing gears for him instead of rugby. I always wondered if he would have a liking to rugby.”

Lasagavibau migrated to France after signing a contract for US Dax Rugby Club in France in 2005.

He also had stints with Stade Aurillacois Rugby Club from 2007 to 2011, Rugby Athlétic Club Angérien 2011 to 2012 and Stade Rouennais Rugby Club in 2012. “At times when we always play club rugby, Junior would be playing football in another field.

People always ask when my son would start playing rugby.

“Last year we watched a video compilation of my rugby days starting in Fiji. Since that night, the DVD has been one of his prized possessions.

“Couple of times I had seen him watching and rewinding the DVD. He has watched it repeatedly, but I did not want to suggest rugby to him. I allowed him to make his own decision.”

Lasagavibau said his son asked to accompany him to his coaching sessions one afternoon.

“Since that day, he has never kicked another football. He watched with enthusiasm on the sideline and one of my former teammates, Gregory Bouly suggested he trained him (Jr) in the Rouen under-10 squad.

“He just trained for two weeks and was allowed to play on the following Saturday in their tournament. He started as a substitute ahead of two reserves who had been with the club longer than him. I knew he was happy after being called up to play and he scored two tries in that game. The following weekend, he scored three tries and was also the captain until now.

“Just like a Fijian, the rugby instinct naturally came. He sidestepped his opponent, he off-loaded, the tackles and the line breaks just naturally came. In their last match he scored five tries, but my advice to him, is to work hard and never once forget God because the talents and the skills came from our Almighty.”

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