Las Vegas 7s: Baber teaches students about Fiji

The Fiji 7s team were hosted by the C.P.Squires Elementary School in Las Vegas today, February 28, 2019. Picture: ELENOA BASELALA

NATIONAL men’s sevens rugby coach Gareth Baber taught students of C.P. Squires a number of things about Fiji.

One was that the common word for “okay” in Fiji was “set”.

So, when he asked a question, the students replied with “set” to communicate they would like to hear the Fiji 7s team sing. But before that, students were all hyped and nothing could be heard above their voices.

Baber whistled and there was silence. He proceeded to explain that was also how he got the attention of the national sevens team.

While he explained that he was the coach of the team, one student asked who Jone Niurua was. Baber answered that he was the team manager and was the person who made sure everyone was where they needed to be and to do what they needed to do.

Baber also explained the replica of a tabua on the wall hanging, which was the gift of the team to the school.

He said the tabua was used during important occasions in Fiji and that the visit to the school was of important to the team.

Following that, he sang two iTaukei songs with the boys as the team bid farewell.

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