Largest network of laboratories

VANMED Labs is a private medical laboratory that provides pathological tests. The company boasts to have the largest network of laboratories in the South Pacific:

* seven branches in Fiji with two testing sites;

* one testing lab in Port Vila and one bleeding centre in Santo, Vanuatu;

* one testing Lab in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

The laboratory recently upgraded German analyzers supplied by Roche in New Zealand. Various tests done in-house include Zika, Allergy Rast, Lupus- Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) Double Stranded DNA (dsDNA), Cancer markers, lifestyle blood testing, microbiology culture and sensitivity reports and many more.

At VanMed Labs 80 per cent of all diagnosis for a disease is done through a blood test.

The company adds it is very important for everyone to get a blood test done once a year — keep monitoring your organs, sugar levels, cholesterol because an early diagnosis helps you to live a long healthy life.

The company branches include President Plaza in Samabula, 254 Waimanu Rd in Suva, on top of Harvest Supermarket, Labasa Town, Namaka in Nadi, Yawini St in Lautoka, Ba Town, Tavua Town, Port Vila and Santo Town in Vanuatu and Makolo Building Honiara Solomon Islands.

Samabula Lab closes at 9pm on weekdays and all labs open from 7.30am.

For more information, please contact Arveen Chandra on mobiles 9412559, 9489213, 9993432 or telephone 3372078.

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