Landless Fijians

Vitila Vuniwaqa’s testimony in The Fiji Times (24/10/16) on her ability to overcome her physical problems and invest in farming is a practical gospel. The overriding factor is the lease she managed to acquire.

I wish her the very best and the blessings of our heavenly Father.

I encourage all landowners to utilise your idle land.

Give parts of your idle land to landless citizens, otherwise your idle land will be considered by the Creator as idols or buried talents.

I was in tears when I saw some landless families in Labasa living in mangrove swamps when most of the native lands are idle.

I believe the problem can be addressed through a proper survey by the Government and the iTLTB.

The current land lease policy by the iTLTB and Lands Department, I believe, can be afforded by those who have money or those who have the capacity to negotiate at various levels. I believe a good number of poor citizens do not have such privilege even though they have absolute rights. I believe this group of people have always been unfairly treated.

It is about time that our leaders uphold real fairness. Moreover, I believe the current land policy limits the poor and the landless any chance of improving their standard of living.

I believe amendments of land policies and restrictions within should be an urgent matter of concern by those who are obligated to do so.

I would suggest that Parliament sets up an institution that looks after this problem which has never been addressed from time immemorial.

Apart from all other developments that the Government spends substantial amount of money on, helping the poor and landless Fijians should be the first priority. The facts of this important issue will command the respect of all parliamentarians and there won’t be any opposition naturally but constructive contributions to address the problem.

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