Land complaints

MINISTRY of iTaukei Affairs permanent secretary Naipote Katonitabua has urged Fijians to follow proper channels if they have complaints about land and not vent their frustrations on social media.

He said complaints by members of the public on social media were common.

“We have noted and seen in the past few months, and even years, that people are airing their complaints in regards to native land through social media,” Mr Katonitabua said.

“We discourage them to show their frustration on social media because it’s not iTaukei protocol that we complain through social media on land that belongs to the members of a tokatoka, mataqali and yavusa.”

“The Ministry of iTaukei Affairs and the iTaukei institution, including the iTaukei Land Trust Board, have opened our policy to people who are not familiar with our policies and have some complaints in regards to the land issue.”

Mr Katonitabua said respective ministries were ready to assist members of the public who had land issues.

“We are ready to assist them and clarify to them the records under the Native Lands Commission.

“We already have the structure in place, the vanua is sitting here waiting for the people to sit and consult each other and having meetings with their families on important areas that they would like to address,” he said.

Mr Katonitabua urged people to follow the right procedure in order to get the right information in regards to their land.

“I urge the people to visit our ministries, visit our roko tui office that is near to you and we will also be conducting public consultation together with the iTaukei Affairs Board in the near future to address some of the issues.

“We are looking forward that you will come in numbers so that we can address issues about land disputes.”

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