Lami clean-up

The Sunday Times ran an article regarding the 2018 Earth Hour Connect 2 Earth clean-up campaign at the Lami seashore on the morning of Saturday the 24th.

One of the messages relayed at this event was that “everyone should take responsibility for disposing their rubbish and waste properly to protect the environment”.

The same day’s paper included an editorial by Sailosi Batiratu where he refers to the above article and pictures of hope.

The word “hope” being used because it shows that among us are people who still care very much about the environment.

Unfortunately, there are also those among us who prefer not to care about the environment and are working against those that do.

The very same evening this clean-up and awareness event was held just a short distance along the foreshore in Lami at lower Kalekana someone dumped a double mattress and burnt it along with other household rubbish in the tidal zone when the tide was out.

The fire remains which consist of partially burnt synthetics and no doubt foam and plastics are now being washed into the sea by the high tide and rain.

This will pollute the adjacent mangrove area and end up ingested by the sea-life. The steel springs remain in the mud.

So while there is some hope there is also much despair due to some that have been made aware of the impact of environmental pollution but they could not care less and will continue to abuse the area they live in.

Sadly the issue of this mangrove area and foreshore being repeatedly used as a rubbish dump has been brought to the attention of the Lami Police, Lami Town Council and Ministry of Local Government and Environment over the past few years with evidence provided.

Disappointingly, this has not achieved a result of stopping this illegal dumping and burning of environmentally damaging rubbish.

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