Laisa: Be prepared

BEING prepared and having enough practice time are two of the important ingredients for success for contestants taking part in this year’s Kaila! Star Search.

This was revealed by celebrity judge Laisa Vulakoro as the competition heads towards the quarter-finals stage next Thursday.

Vulakoro said she had been impressed by the performances of the contestants so far in the competition.

“My observation is that the level this year is very good and it has been raised. The dances and the singing showcased are unique,” she said.

“There is so much talent in the country and thanks to Kaila! platform and The Fiji Times, young artistes are able to showcase themselves and get recognised.”

Vulakoro, who has been associated with the event since its inception, said contestants had to make the performances their own rather than imitate or copy styles from other people.

“It is okay to get tips from here and there, but at the end of the day the artistes need to come out of their shell and express themselves fully. They need to make the song or dance their own,” she said.

“A lot of work is involved when contestants take part in a competition like this and the responsibility falls upon them to see how they allocate time and dedicate themselves to better and finetune their performances.”

Vulakoro said she was looking forward to another round of exciting performances at the quarter-finals with 15 contestants competing.


* Venue: Village 6 cinemas, Suva;

* Time: 6pm, July 13; and

* Tickets: $3.50 per person.

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