Lailai uses skills to her advantage

Nunia Lailai, left, with Arita Sarup, the senior sewing trainer at the Makoi Women’s Vocational Centre yesterday. Picture: ANA MADIGIBULI

Before the death of her husband, Nunia Lailai had to prepare herself mentally and spiritually so she could be strong for her six children.

Losing her husband last year, was something that she is still coming to terms with, but she thanks God for being there for her and her children when things got tough.

With the support of her children, Ms Lailai has turned to craftwork and even does house work for a friend twice a week to earn an income.

“Before my husband’s death I had to prepare myself mentally so I could provide for my children and I also had the support of my son who met our needs financially too,” she said.

“Four of my children are still schooling with one in nursing school so we get by with what I earn and with what my son can provide.”

Ms Lailai joined the Makoi Women’s Vocational Centre this year to learn freehand sewing because she wanted to acquire the skill to help her venture out into other income-generating projects.

“I’ve always done earrings and cooked jam to sell and I knew a bit about pattern work for sewing but I wasn’t quite skilled with freehand sewing,” she said.

Freehand sewing involves garment construction without the use of commercial pattern.

“I wanted to learn freehand sewing so I can help my family with what I’ve created and earn an income for them,” she said. She had heard about the centre while her family resided at Makoi.

“I’ve always wanted to join the centre but I couldn’t. Last year after we lost my husband I was able to join the centre and I was grateful for being offered that opportunity at the time when I needed it.

“In the sewing class I’ve learned a lot and I’ve made a lot of new friends. This week, I get to finally learn about freehand sewing which I’m most excited about.

“The ladies in my class communicate well with each other so it’s easy to understand things especially with our trainer who is so professional with teaching us and making us understand each step there is to know about sewing.”

She said after completing her course she hoped to return to Nabouwalu and maybe venture into the sewing business and possibly cultivate a piece of land she has there.

“I’m doing this for my children and I hope I can provide for them even more after this course,” she said.

“I want people to know that God is always there and they shouldn’t doubt His plan for them.”

Like any caring mother would, she hopes her children fear God more and be successful in what they do in the future.

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