Lack when there’s plenty

The lack of it at a time when it has been raining cats and dogs for weeks on end is not only stupid but extremely crazy!

As we drove through to Labasa under the heavy downpour of the recent wet weather we passed a good number of trucks carting water. We later found out that there was a shortage of clean water in many areas.

The heavens are pouring down clean clear water and yet many are relying on government to bring them water to their doorstep?

What I find amusing is that Government is being vigilant over tax collection yet impulsive at spending?

At this time good clean water can be harvested easily by everyone and government should be discerning enough to recognise that fact. I have three water tanks and all have been full to the brim each and every day for the past six weeks.

The only people benefiting here are the truck owners?

The much needed funds can be beneficial for much more worthy causes!

It’s just unbelievable!

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