Lack of help frustrates committee

Residents of Nagigi try to source water from a well. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

A COMMITTEE set up in the 1980s has continued to be the voice of the Nagigi community, liaising with Government and the Water Authority of Fiji on important issues.

Known as the Nagigi Mataniwai Water Project, members have over the past years written many letters to the Government raising their concerns regarding water issues.

President Din Dayal said they have also sent petitions to government departments expressing their frustration over intermittent water supply.

“But until today, no changes have happened and we continue to face water shortage during dry season and it’s bad,” he said.

“In fact, we stopped writing letters to the Government because we never see any changes and we hope that the Water Authority of Fiji can make a difference.

“Every year, our only source of water in this area dries up, so the problems of water we face today are a repetition. It happens every year.”

Mr Dayal has pleaded with WAF to identify new water sources.

WAF general manager customer services Sekove Uluinayau confirmed that options had been considered to expand the water system at Nagigi.

He said this was imperative to expand their coverage area.

“The authority’s nearest reticulation system (Vunika water system) is approximately 4 kilometres away from the settlement and because of its limited yield from the existing source, WAF is unable to extend its coverage to the settlement,” he said.

“WAF is still in the process of exploring further options which may involve a new water source as well as pipeline works.

“This will include the upgrading of existing distribution mains to cater for the settlement’s water demands.”

Mr Uluinayau said WAF was committed to providing clean water and improved sanitation to all Fijians.

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