Lack of family financial support for diabetics

Diabetes Fiji Community Program co-ordinator Kini Marawa. Picture: Jona Konataci

ONE of the major problems faced by people living with diabetes is the lack of family support and finances to get access to medical clinics, says Diabetes Fiji community program co-ordinator Kini Marawa.

“One of the defaults is that they don’t have bus fares to take them to clinics. This is one of the major issues highlighted by people living with diabetes,” Mr Marawa said.

“The lack of family support is another major problem taking into consideration that some of these people have amputated legs so they are in great need of support,” he added.

In its efforts to help people living with diabetes, Mr Marawa said they had come up with programs, in some sort of financial assistance.

“The elderly people with diabetes are the ones that really need support and that’s why we have set up diabetes community peer groups to provide support to people living with disabilities,” he added.

According to the Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation, diabetic people with amputated legs or hands were eligible to apply for the disability allowance which includes the free bus fare scheme.

Mr Marawa said in some iTaukei village settings, people living with diabetes were burdened with village obligations which made matters worse for them.

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