Labour to map out strategies for 2018 poll

THE Fiji Labour Party will map out its strategies today in the lead-up to the 2018 General Election.

FLP leader and former prime minister Mahendra Chaudhry is expecting a good turnout for the party’s annual convention and delegates conference in Suva today.

Mr Chaudhry said issues that would be discussed include eticketing, public sector unions, FNPF pensions, impact of multiple taxes, charges and levies on businesses, national minimum wage and sugar industry.

The party is expected to discuss the issue of official recognition for public sector unions as the sole bargaining agents for the terms of employment of their members.

The retirement age issue is also expected to be discussed at the meeting.

Mr Chaudhry also said the reduction imposed on FNPF members in 2012 had caused great hardship to pensioners whose pensions were slashed by 50 per cent, which he claimed reduced many of them to below poverty level income.

The other major issue that is expected to be discussed is the numerous taxes and levies that are being imposed on the business community.

The annual convention will be held at the Wesley Methodist Church hall at the corner of Butt and Gordon streets from 10am-12:30pm which will be followed by the delegates’ conference.

Father Kevin Barr will speak on social justice and equity, Dr Ganesh Chand on representation and accountability, Jone Dakuvula on accountability and transparency in governance, and Aman Ravindra Singh on human rights and elections.

Mr Chaudhry and FLP president Lavinia Padarath will speak on issues facing the nation ahead of the 2018 polls.

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