Labour law reform

THE Fiji Trades Union Congress said they had proposed a number of amendments to labour laws in the country during their review process which is in progress.

FTUC national secretary Felix Anthony said he had held a few meetings with the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation and both parties had identified many areas of agreements.

Mr Anthony said their findings and the proposed amendments would be presented to Government in the next Employment Relations Advisory Board (ERAB) meeting.

“We certainly hope that, as agreed, the Government would then take that up to Cabinet and make amendments to the labour laws,” he said.

“There are a large number of amendments involved, mainly to ensure that labour laws comply with the ILO core conventions and that we amend parts of the labour laws that the International Labour Organisation’s Committee of Experts have indicated that need amendments.

“We’ve also amended laws to comply with the newly-ratified conventions that Government has ratified in the past year.”

Mr Anthony said there were also a number of issues that would accompany the amendments and these would be presented during the ERAB meeting.

“These issues basically include more efficient enforcing of the labour laws and making the dispute settling machinery more efficient. There’s been some concern in this area of enforcement which we believe needs to be looked at because some of these labour laws are very fundamental.”

He said if the amendments were made, Fiji would fare reasonably well with the core conventions of the ILO.

FCEF chief executive Nesbitt Hazelman confirmed his talks with Mr Anthony and on the issues raised by the FTUC national secretary.

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