Labour finalises manifesto

PUTTING people first will be the main focus of the Fiji Labour Party’s manifesto for this year’s general election.

FLP assistant general secretary Aman Ravindra Singh said the party was now in the process of finalising its manifesto.

Mr Singh, who will also be leading the party into this year’s polls, said the party would also focus on addressing human rights violations and respect for the rule of law.

“At the moment we are consulting all stakeholders in regards to the different areas that our manifesto will be addressing,” he said.

“There has been a huge number of human rights violations as we have seen, there will also be more emphasis on the rule of law and human rights.”

Mr Singh also confirmed they would soon release the names of the party’s candidates for the upcoming general election.

Meanwhile, FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry earlier called for people to have faith in the party, saying there would be resurgence by FLP and it would come back hard and strong for this year’s polls.

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