Labasa shops close as flash floods occur

Update: 11:30AM FEW shops around Labasa Town have closed for business due to the continuous rain that has led to flash floods in most parts of Labasa Town area this morning.

Kritesh Sami, a shop owner said he could not open his little cosmetics shop today as he had to try to go back home before the floods close the roads. 

“I travel in from Korotari area this morning and the roads are already underwater so I just had to come in and check on the shop but I will be close for business today,” he said.

“I have to hurry back home and I don’t want to get stuck along the way.”

The situation report of Fiji Roads Authority this morning has advised that part of Labasa Town and surrounding areas are all underwater since 1am this morning. 

Most roads going in and out of Labasa Town and Hospital are closed and this includes Wainikoro Area, Siberia, Namoli and Bulileka next to Qawa River.

FRA is urging the public to stay off flooded roadways and  not to drive into water of unknown depth and current as this can be life threatening.

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