Labasa river mouth needs dredging every five years: Varawa

Minister for Waterways Dr Mahendra Reddy officially commissions dredging works at the Labasa River mouth yesterday. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

THE mouth of the Labasa river mouth may need to be dredged after every five years depending on the rate of silting process.
Fiji’s Ministry of Waterway’s Northern technical officer in charge Jone Varawa said the current rate of siltation, it may take less than five years before dredging works needed to be carried out again.
Mr Varawa said erosion of top soil from upstream was a major contributor of silt in waterways.
“Wise agricultural practises and protection of riverbanks need to be undertaken if we are to protect soil, especially fertile top soil from eroding into our waterways and ending up in river mouths,” he said.

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