Labasa residents urged to support carnival

King and Queen contestants of the 2018 Digicel Duavata Crime Prevention Carnival during the opening of the carnival over the weekend. Picture: LUKE RWALAI

MEMBERS of the public in Labasa have been urged to come to Subrail Park and support the Digicel Duavata Crime Prevention Carnival crime committee in their awareness campaign on battling crime.

The committee’s president, Satish Kumar, said members of the public were more than welcome to listen to the various advocacy messages that contestants would deliberate on this week.

Mr Kumar said as of Sunday, the carnival began its first public judging of king and queen contestants.

“We have special themes for individual nights and people are welcome to join in the fun and at the same time be informed about the reality about crimes,” he said.

“Contestants will be speaking on their advocacy topics ranging from teenage pregnancy, sexual offences and rape to name a few. “The carnival is an appropriate platform to shed some light on these sad truths that affect our homes and communities. “Talking about these problems and formulating ways of addressing them is the main target of this carnival.”

Mr Kumar said they had entertainment that would keep the members of the public occupied as they listened to contestants deliberate on their advocacy messages.

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