Labasa ready

THE 2017 INKK Mobile Battle of the Giants (BOG) hosts, Lunch Box Labasa will be looking to put on a strong performance and go for the win for their diehard fans.

Labasa football president Rayaz Khan said playing at home would really boost their BOG campaign.

“We are always ready to play. Playing at Subrail Park is always important to us. It matters to our fans that come in numbers to support Labasa and we don’t want to disappoint them,” Khan said.

He said one of their main strengths as a team would be their fitness.

“I think the coaches have done really well in that aspect and it should not be a problem.

In addition, Khan said their coaching staff had been working really hard in finetuning their players’ combinations.

“The combination was always there but the coaches are finetuning some of the aspects of the game and come Friday we should be ready.

Khan thanked their sponsors Lunch Box for their cash and kind donations.

He said they would be diverted to the welfare of the players. Labasa would be looking to end their 20-year BOG drought period this year.

They have only won the BOG once, but have featured and lost in the final seven times.

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