Labasa mill operations steady

The Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) management is pleased with operations at the Labasa Mill during this crushing season. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

OPERATIONS at the Labasa Mill have been steady and the Fiji Sugar Corporation expects good results this year.

FSC chief operating officer Navin Chandra said that 88 per cent of the gangs were already in operation and enjoying great cane supply.

“The introduction of 24 mechanical harvesters in the Northern Division together with 200 rail gangs, as well as manually harvested tractor or lorry gangs has put a big challenge in managing quotas,” he said.

“FSC through its sector officers is working closely with the growers to ensure that they receive adequate quotas. “It is a very delicate balance that is required, especially balancing the demands of mechanically harvested cane and manually harvested cane, versus cane transported by rail and cane transported by lorries or tractors.”

Mr Chandra said these combinations have their own challenges.

In saying that, he added that the Labasa Mill has been running steady without much extended stops.

“FSC Labasa management and technical teams are working to ensure the crushing rate is increased further,” Mr Chandra said.

“A lot of work was done on Tuesday this week during the weekly shutdown and results are promising.

“We also thank the growers of Labasa for making all the efforts in getting their cutters and also cooperatives for investing in mechanical harvesters.”

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