Labasa FUTSAL teams ready for the challenge

LABASA FUTSAL teams A and B are well prepared for the upcoming challenge which is scheduled to take place on the 29th of this month at the Labasa FSC Tennis Court.

FUTSAL’s Labasa representative Khamendra Naidu said that competitions had been progressing well since it started last month.

Speaking during an interview Naidu said that both teams had been preparing well for the game against Fiji Forest Industries FUTSAL Team.

“We have been witnessing an increase in interest from minor league teams here in the North especially with young soccer players,” he said.

“We are requesting for sponsorship and support from the public especially business houses.

“Since we started we have been depending a lot on the support of players who participate in the competitions.”

Naidu said that even without major sponsorship the competitions were progressing well.

“We are also calling on teams out there to field in their affiliation fees and join the competitions,” he said.

“Most of our players are members of the Labasa team and the competitions have been a good way of keeping players trimmed and fit for major competitions.

“Competitions this year are being held at the Fiji Sugar Corporation Tennis Court in Labasa as in the previous years.”

Naidu said that the competitions were a breeding ground for the national trials.

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