Kuridrani: Time for change

SODELPA provisional candidate Inosi Kuridrani. Picture: ATU RASEA

“IT’S time for a “change”.

These were the words of Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) provisional candidate Inosi Kuridrani after his name was announced as a provisional candidate for the upcoming general election.

Mr Kuridrani, who hails from Namatakula in Nadroga, said his main area of focus would be on the tourism industry.

“From the Coral Coast where I come from, the main issue there is the tourism industry, especially the workers, the landowners and all the stakeholders and I think we have to relook at that,” he said.

Mr Kuridrani said he was positive about the SODELPA line-up for the 2018 General Election.

“I think it is a good team and all capable people with experience. We also have former government workers.

“What we are just doing is just some awareness activities along to our individual constituency.”

Mr Kuridrani said he would also be focusing on landowners’ issues.

He claimed some landowners were not getting enough from the resources they owned.

“At the moment it doesn’t seem to trickle right down to the community level, like the landowners, some landowners are not getting what they deserve to get from their resources because they have leased out their land for 99 years,” he claimed.

“I think there should be a better deal done for them.”

Meanwhile, the party has so far announced 42 provisional candidates.