Kurds favour attending Russia-backed talks

BEIRUT – The head of Syria’s main Kurdish political party indicated yesterday his group favours attending a Russian-sponsored peace congress later this month, the first time the Kurds would participate in a major diplomatic push to end the war.

Shahoz Hasan said his Democratic Union Party (PYD) would advocate for its decentralised model for Syria, which it says is the only way to end the six-year-old conflict that has made half of Syrians homeless and killed hundreds of thousands.

“We tabled the democratic federal solution in mid-March of 2016, and without it there are no solutions but only rendering the Syrian crisis permanent,” Mr Hasan, PYD co-chair, said in written responses to questions from Reuters.

Although he did not firmly commit to attending the November 18 peace conference in the Russian Black Sea city of Sochi, he said a majority among the PYD and its allies now favoured going: “We are discussing it and the majority view is to attend”.

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