Kumar: Unfortunate some schools are in flood-prone areas

Education Minister Premila Kumar (left) meets Rakiraki Muslim Primary School headteacher Mohammed Shafeel on Thursday. Picture: ANISH CHAND

Education Minister Premila Kumar says it is unfortunate that most schools are located in flood-prone areas.

She made the comment while visiting the Rakiraki Muslim Primary School — an institution located in an area that frequently flooded.

“During the planning phase, we have not paid a lot of attention towards ensuring that we will not build buildings in a flood-prone area,” Mrs Kumar said.

“We are in a situation now like this particular school that is facing floods almost every year.

“Each year when you have floods, the costs escalates because you have to clean up, paint, repair.

“It’s also the energy that you have to put in and the time that you have to put in and after a while, you become tired of it, literally tired.”

School headteacher Mohammed Shafeel told Mrs Kumar that a river that ran alongside the school needed to be dredged.

Mrs Kumar acknowledged that some schools had a disaster management plan.

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