Kumar: Ratepayers should expect increases in fees

Minister for Local Government Premila Kumar in discussion with the Nasinu and Nausori town council chair Elizabeth Jane Algar during the meeting at the Nasinu Town Council. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

EXPECT an increase in fees and charges levied by municipal councils soon.

This, according to Local Government Minister Premila Kumar who made the revelation during a meeting with special administrators at the Nasinu Town Council in Valelevu yesterday.

Mrs Kumar said people needed to understand the cost of services they provided to clients and the increase in fees was being done to lessen the burden on the Government.

“What is required is the financial understanding of what we are doing so that we do it better,” she said.

“Without money, we cannot function, we need to control wastage and streamline the system.

“On the other hand, we need to look at how we can increase some of the fees and charges so that we are not highly dependent on the State.”

Mrs Kumar said there was an urgent need to review fees and charges for municipal councils.

“They have remained the way they are for years, we need to review fees and charges so that we can understand the cost of services we provide.

“We cannot be delivering services and not understanding who our clients are, their needs and want.”

Mrs Kumar said Government was committed to providing better services to ratepayers by improving cities and towns where large sums of money were given to municipal councils for garbage collection and rebuilding assets.

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