Kumar: Protect our waterways

BE responsible citizens and dispose rubbish carefully.

These were the words of Minister for Environment Parveen Kumar to students and members of the public during the World Water Day celebrations in Lautoka last week.

“Be motivated to help protect our waterways and join tree planting programs,” he said.

“Most of our waterways are littered with rubbish.

“This is the time to practise being responsible and practise disposing rubbish carefully.

“A change in our behaviour will ensure our environment and water sources are protected for the future.”

Mr Kumar said Government’s commitment for a better supply of water and the facilitation of water and wastewater projects was part of the National Development Plan 2017 to 2036.

“A number of initiatives and concepts are being adopted to ensure we safeguard our environment and scarce resources such as water.”

World Water Day was celebrated globally last Thursday with the theme “Nature for Water”.

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