Kumar highlights high cost of living

BUSINESSMAN Ajay Kumar says he is running for Parliament in this year’s national election to not only represent Lautoka but also to stand for peace, truth and progress.

During a public rally in Lautoka, the provisional candidate for the National Federation Party said there were a lot of lies, rumours and misinformation spread by people.

“People say everything here is fine,” he said.

“I think that if everything here is fine then why are people leaving our shores and heading overseas?

“A lot of people now see our mothers and sisters sitting by the roadside to sell mangoes or berries or vegetables.

“Has anyone wondered how they would spend those eight or so hours sitting by the roadside?

“Why do they do this?

“Because of the high cost of living,” he claimed

Mr Kumar said he had served the Then India Sanmarga Ikya Sangam Lautoka and at the national level for several years.

He also served as a member of several boards.

“In the last general election, Lautoka was not represented in Parliament.

“You could see a member from Rakiraki in Parliament, five MPs from Ba, two from Nadi but none from Lautoka.”

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