Kumar calls on critics to look at developments

LOCAL Government Minister Parveen Kumar has called on critics in Lautoka to look at the benefits that developments have had in the Sugar City.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of a $90,000 multi-purpose sports facility in Natokowaqa on Wednesday, Mr Kumar said some people had vigorously opposed developments he had negotiated while he was special administrator Lautoka.

“I was branded by some critics as someone who had ‘sold Lautoka’,” he said.

“There was nothing to sell in fact.

“And this is in regards to the TappooCity development, when the Lautoka City Council — after due process had been carried out — agreed to give Tappoos the go-ahead for the new development.

“And today when I am on the streets of Lautoka, people come up and pat me on the back and say ‘wow, what a project’.

“So my message to those critics is don’t just look at your nose.

“Go beyond that and see for yourself how projects like TappooCity can do things for your city.”

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