Kumar, a problem solver – ‘Reimaging the possible’

Harrshal Kumar works as a associate tax and business advisory at Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) in Lautoka. Picture: REINAL CHAND

HARRSHAL Kumar has never let his colourful academic journey get in the way of enjoying life in general.

As a young, successful careered Fijian, he believes it is always important to balance life by having a passion that drives an individual to learn and, while simultaneously, exploring the other beautiful aspects of life that cannot be found only in books.

The Lautoka man who plies his trade with the renowned global accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers recently graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Economics from the University of the South Pacific and the icing on the cake was scooping three gold medals and prizes.

This recent accomplishment solidifies his place in the accounting profession and encourages him to expand his horizons within the profession.

“Two of these were in recognition of being the most outstanding graduate in each of my majors, accounting and economics, whilst the third was for being the overall most outstanding graduate in the Bachelor of Commerce program,” Mr Kumar said.

“For me, this achievement is a reward for the hard work and efforts I have made over the years.

“Every day motivates me to work harder and strive to achieve my other life goals.”

His journey to success was nurtured from a very young age and it all started from the epitome of his life on earth, family.

While sharing his successful journeys, the PwC tax and business advisory services tax consultant noted that his development into becoming a holistic individual began from his primary school years at Lautoka Central Primary School and Natabua High School.

Mr Kumar said his teachers and peers helped him developed through a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities, like cadet training, participation in quizzes and debates and playing a key role in the student council.

“My time at USP took me deeper into the fields of accounting and economics as well as other various social experiences that shaped me into a cultured and determined individual.

“Apart from schoolwork, it goes without saying that some of the most invaluable skills and values in life are learnt at home with my family and friends.”

His taste of success branched way back to his school days when he took part in many extracurricular activities and added academic achievements.

Mr Kumar has gone against all odds to ensure the best is delivered in his blooming career in one of the country’s most respected accounting firms in the world.

“Every day I deal with providing professional business advice to some of the largest entities in Fiji and the region.

“This work requires me to build trust and strong relationships with clients and potential clients, which requires the utmost of care and integrity.

“Nevertheless, by working together, my team and I can solve some of the most important problems and reimagine the possible.

He believes educating the mind without educating the soul is no learning at all because life is too short.

“We all know that Fiji is going through difficult times and my message to the youth of today would be to make friends with technology and be open to virtual learning as this is the way forward.”

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