Kula Film Awards: Nakasi High optimistic of scooping awards

Students of Nakasi High School. The students will be advocating the message of unity at this year's Kula Film Awards. Picture: RAMA/File

NAKASI High School is optimistic they will scoop a few awards at this year’s Kula Film Awards competition this year.

The team’s coordinator, Waisake Mataki, said they were hoping to attain a few awards because they would be portraying an important message.

“We are trying to convey an important message of unity despite our race and colour, we are all Fijians,” Mataki said.

Nakasi High School principal Praveen Chand said people needed to be mindful that the children of the 21st century had something beyond academics.

“For the students, we always strive to strike a balance in academics and with extra-curricular,” Mr Chand said.

He said the message that the 15-member team would be portraying at this year’s awards was that racial discrimination should not be entertained anywhere.

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