Krishna and Wara to boost young Fiji football side

Fiji football head coach Chritophe Gamel and European-based footballer Scott Wara. Picture: FT FILE

THE inclusion of New Zealand-based Roy Krishna and European-based Scott Wara in the Fiji football team will be a boost for the young Fijian side as they prepare for the match against Solomon Islands tomorrow at the ANZ Stadium in Suva.

Wara and Krishna arrived in the country yesterday to join the local players in an international friendly match.

Fiji Football Association CEO Mohammed Yusuf said the two players would be a contributing factor in the team’s performance against Solomon Is.

“Wara has been brought up in the academy system when he was young and he will bring in a new dimension for the players in terms of mentality, response to match situations and he can easily adapt to the team with his professional background,” Yusuf said.

“Roy has been playing for Fiji and he knows what they will be up against, so his participation in the national team along with Wara will be a boost for the young players.”

Wara is the first Fijian-born to be part of the English Premier League for Stoke City but his team was relegated last year and now they are playing in the second grade.

The Ra lad played for Stoke City Under 18 and Under 13 as a defender and is currently in the English club football team.

Fiji will take on Solomon Is tomorrow at the ANZ Stadium in Suva at 7pm.

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