Koya: Scheme empowers young people

IT is young people that will continue with the stewardship of the future of our country says, Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya.

The Minister for Trade made the comment while closing the week-long Young Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES) training in Labasa last week.

“In the past young Fijians had limited opportunity to succeed as most headed towards desk jobs rather than entrepreneurship or own businesses,” Mr Koya said.

He said the YES scheme was Government’s initiative targeted towards empowering young Fijians.Mr Koya said the results of the national population census that 69 per cent of Fijians were below 40, was an encouraging situation.

“This can actually mean an enormous advantage and we need to give our young people the support and necessary resources to grow into productive and ambitious Fijians,” he said.

“We are working towards creating an environment where our young people can develop and you’re at the heart of development as we work towards a modern Fiji,” Mr Koya said.

Participants applauded the program describing it as an empowerment for many young people.

And young businessman Lai Lomaloma, who has been running a part-time studio and lighting business said, the program financially educated him.

“I have been running this business part-time since secondary school but now I am doing it full time and I need to be financially accountable,” he said.

“I have a habit of just recording financial transactions in my mind which is not good because when I do my financial checks, it doesn’t balance up,” Mr Lomaloma said.

The (YES) scheme project enables young Fijians access grants of up to $20,000 to enable them to transform their ideas into income-generating activities to support their livelihoods.

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