Koya: Cross-border trade restoration vital in driving global economic recovery

French Embassy charge d’ affaires, Rene Consolo greets Minister for Commerce, Faiyaz Koya before the launch of the Fiji-New Caledonia Trade Expo at the French ambassador’s residence in Suva yesterday. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

Fiji’s Minister for Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport Faiyaz Koya says the restoration of cross-border trade and investment is undoubtedly vital in driving global economic recovery.

While speaking at the launch of the Fiji-New Caledonia e-Trade Expo yesterday afternoon, Mr Koya said a return to trade and investment-led growth will hinge on creating enabling conditions for businesses to thrive.

“We are not letting the border closures hamper the determination we have, in terms of making Fiji the ideal investment destination,” Mr Koya said.

“In fact, during this period, we have expedited and prioritised reforms so that Fiji continues to be a competitive and preferred trade and investment destination,” he said.

“The Fijian and New Caledonian governments have initiated preliminary discussions on a bilateral trade agreement, which we will need to explore further.

“We need to create a pathway for both, the Fijian and New Caledonian businesses, to trade freely.

“I firmly believe that this E-Trade Expo is a pinnacle of working in collaboration to create a win-win situation.”

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