Koroisavou: Women need spaces

WOMEN must be given spaces in villages, communities and at divisional and district levels to voice their opinions.

These were the comments of Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) youth council president Jope Koroisavou while responding to questions by this newspaper regarding the engagement of young women in politics in the country.

Mr Koroisavou said Fiji had been traditionally dominated by men in politics, but the pendulum had started to swing a bit.

“More is needed to be done in terms of women being empowered. They must be given the capacity, space and environment to freely express themselves politically in the country,” Mr Koroisavou said.

“If they are given this space and environment, then they will be able to freely talk about the issues that affect them. And from then, we can genuinely develop policies and the way forward for Fiji in terms of attending to issues with regards to women.”

He said women were needed in politics to look at things from the grassroots level.

“Women bring special specifics into politics. We, men tend to think with our brains on what we see happening, but women are more on feeling through emotions.

“They make decisions thinking about a lot of other factors that contribute to an issue.”

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