Korean model can benefit Fiji and Pacific

Update: 9:21PM DEVELOPING countries in the Pacific Islands like Fiji owe a great debt of gratitude to the Republic of Korea and the Saemaul Undong for your willingness to share the knowledge of alleviating poverty and fostering development from the rural setting onwards.

Minister for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou made the comment while addressing the High Level Roundtable Meeting of the Global Saemaul Leadership Forum this week in Pyeonchang, Korea.

In a Government statement, Mr Tuitubou acknowledged the leaders of Saemaul Undong and the Korean government for the willingness to share the development model of the Saemaul Undong model.

He said developing countries, especially in the Pacific islands, would greatly benefit from Korea�s development model, Saemaul Undong.

�It sets the platform for our own development agenda as we try our utmost best to address social and economic issues as we work to achieve greater food security and counteract the inevitable rural-urban drift,� Mr Tuitubou said.

He said the Saemaul Undong model, if applied widely, would bring positive change.

�If implemented strenuously and extensively in developing countries, we, as a global village, will take a step closer to achieving financial stability and altogether alleviating poverty. Korea has proven it through Saemaul Undong as you underwent a process of reconstructing your country and now you are a world leader in agriculture and other industries including information technology.

�With that, all countries are able to access this blueprint for success which, with the help of the Korean government and the Saemaul Undong, can be adapted to meet the needs of each unique nation.�

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